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Mark O’Neill, of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, believes new technologies like milking robots are crucial to keeping farms afloat with minimal labor.” │Philadelphia Inquirer

better cow health

more milk production

less labor hassles

robotic milking. you will be amazed.

“Before, we were milking twice a day for three hours, and scraping and feeding. Now everything gets done faster and better. We are advancing our skills through technology, and the cows are much calmer.”

Matt Stutzman, Lehi Creek Farm, Mertztown PA

Improve milk quality

"There are fewer cases of mastitis, as the cows are in a new facility with top-notch ventilation, automatic scrapers, improved cow comfort, and getting milked more often now on a voluntary basis."

announcing the new

hmc feeder

Order your parts, chemicals, and accessories online.

So easy to use

fresh milk.

optimal hygienic calf feeder.

The Calf Café is a prefabricated multiple-drink-station calf feeding station

Feed up to 100 calves (2 stations per side), or up to 200 calves (4 stations per side)!

URBAN MilkShuttle

Effortlessly master the daily challenges of working in the calf pen.

Coping with inclines, rough terrain, or ice and snow during the winter is especially difficult. With the MilkShuttle, these worries have become a thing of the past. The electrically operated calf feed mixer brings the freshly prepared milk directly to the calf. This practical helper features a stable chassis, easy operation and uncomplicated cleaning.

ensure that fresh feed is available in the feed boxes around the clock.

the strongest

feed pusher on the market

Higher consumption means greater milk performance!

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the future dairy industry


It's time to think about reliable, efficient, and affordable automation.


Improve your barn hygiene, save on labor, and keep consistent temps.


Keep the process quiet. Automate the delivery of bedding material.

Dairy farmer Dave Bitler oversees his robotized dairy milking facility in Fleetwood, Pa. with AMS Galaxy

Dairy farmer, Dave Bitler, oversees his robotic dairy milking facility in Fleetwood, PA

Bitler, 63, has been farming since he was 19. He might just take a vacation soon.

 “I see that the AMS Galaxy USA’s robotic milking technology has great potential and has made my life easier.” 

Dave Bitler, Dairy Farmer, Fleetwood PA

While the cows chow, a robotic arm gently maneuvers into position under the cow’s udder, where a 3D IP camera and laser guides the gripper towards the teats to clean them. Once the cups are on, the milk flows through silicon tubing and a series of milk quality sensors. When the cow is finished milking, the single robotic arm steam sanitizes itself in between cows as it swings from side to side milking in 2 boxes at one time.  This happens all day, every day with Bitler’s 250 cows, because the robots never sleep, and they always show up for work!

Our motto

less labor.

better farm management.

leading the way in fully-integrated mobile one-touch-screen Total Farm Automation

In addition to AMS Galaxy USA robotic technologies, we are streamlining information and controls for dairy producers! Now, control of dairy equipment and facility systems are accessible from one touch screen interface! 

AMS Galaxy Dairy Farm Software
make your daily work easier to manage

hello aranom


no rails or electricity needed

say hello to the Largest feeding robot on the market with 141 cu ft of storage.

This auto-drive feeding robot is available in two versions. Both models are battery-powered and drive through the barn without need of a rail system. The robot, which owns bottom-chassis drive, eliminates rails, saves costs, and makes installation much easier, especially on large farms.

Tasks that used to cost farmers hours of manual labor – and often their health – are now completed by the incredible Feeding Robot from Hetwin called the Aranom.

Comfortable cows.

high quality milk.

 “The purchase of our AMS Galaxy robots in 2018 was the best business decision we ever made on our dairy farm. The employee stress is gone and that has a great impact on the farm…but also on our personal lives. Dairy farming is fun again! ”

ten Hoeve Dairy is a family dairy, owned by Theo & Danielle ten Hoeve and Gerben & Julie ten Hoeve. Farming in Iowa since 2006. Milking 500+ cross breeds using AMS Galaxy 20.20 premium robots.

Since giving the responsibility of milking their cows to robots, members of the ten Hoeve family said that their stress has been greatly reduced.

we are dairy farmers just like you

brad biehl lives the ams mission

Current President, Brad Biehl, is also a 4th generation dairy farmer and operates a robotic dairy farm with his father. He leads the passionate mission of the company to continue to assemble and streamline automated solutions that make sense for the dairy farmer, with a primary focus on comfortable cows and high quality milk.