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President AMS Galaxy USA // Dairy Farmer at Corner View Farm

He is a fourth-generation dairy farmer, and his experience growing up on the farm has made him an advocate for the American dairy farmer and generational farming. Brad explains, “Farm kids are the backbone of our country. These kids continue farming or join the American workforce with a love for animals, an understanding of machinery, and an unmatched work ethic.” His sentiments reflect his own journey. Brad has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University. His passion for dairy farming and engineering drives his commitment to provide efficient and profitable equipment solutions to family farms. His hope is this allows them to have more flexibility in their work to enjoy the qualities of life outside of the barn.

When he is not in the office or working the dairy, Brad loves to be on a tractor or harvestor doing field work.  He and his wife, Brooke, have enjoyed raising their two boys; “It has been a blast watching them play various sports and attending their music programs.”  Brad and his family are involved in the daily functions of Corner View Farm.  “I love that the hub of our business is on a family farm!  We operate all the products we sell.  We validate the efficiency and profitability of these products and generate our own experiences.” The Biehl family also has a yellow lab, Bria, who spends most of her days roaming the farm.  According to Brad, “Bria talks to the family all the time in our house…and I just might know voice behind the bark!”

Brad Biehl, President AMS Galaxy USA



Director of Customer Experience

Her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education is an incredible benefit to the operational function and organization at AMS Galaxy USA. She says it best, “I am passionate about keeping all things organized – from parts inventory to auditing financial statements. My coworkers are constantly traveling from farm to farm and dealer to dealer, so I hold the fort down here in Kutztown.” Brooke married into farming and loves the benefits of working in our headquarters which is nestled on their family dairy farm. She explains, “not only do we sell and service precision dairy equipment, but we use the precision dairy equipment every single day.”

Brooke loves family. She and her husband, Brad, enjoy traveling as a family. The family their yearly summer vacation that is always planned perfectly between hay cuttings.  Throughout the rest of the year, Brooke spends her time watching her sons play soccer and tennis, listening to them play various many instruments and singing.

Brooke Biehl, AMS Galaxy USA

She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys taking long, brisk walks, working in her flower beds, and yardwork. You will often see her outside in her baseball cap enjoying the beautiful views of the family farm. In addition, Brooke has a huge heart for cats, specifically the ones who take residence at Corner View Farm. We now have two office cats (Monica and Phoebe) who add an extra dose of fun to our workdays!

MEET Arthur Shull

Director of Engineering

Art has a long family history of dairy farming. After graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil/Biological Engineering, Art returned to the family’s 200 cow farm. He worked there for six years as the fifth generation before transitioning into his role with AMS Galaxy USA. Art explains he uses “the combination of my dairy upbringing and engineering education to help farmers figure out how technology will improve their operation. I enjoy teaching farmers how to effectively use their equipment.” In addition, he cherishes the personal connections to dairy farming at AMS Galaxy US. Most of the staff have their own personal experience working or growing up on dairy farms.

Arthur Shull, Director of Engineering, AMS Galaxy USA

Art spends his personal time with family. He and his wife, Lindsay, have a growing family of two boys and a golden retriever. The family loves to get outside as much as possible and frequently share family hikes, runs, or just playing outside with the boys! Fun fact about Art, he used to play semi-professional ultimate frisbee. We’re so grateful we didn’t lose him to a professional ultimate frisbee career!

we have a mission!

because we live it, we understand the demands and challenges of dairy life in the 21st century.

We’re committed: Our goal is to support the dairy industry, from small family farms to large-herd operations, through farming automation. 


The future focuses on new technologies that help farmers maximize their farm operations and profitability.

The future focuses on improving animal comfort and wellness; inevitably leading to happier farmers.

"space age" farming?

we make sure you know this is not 'factory farming' where every cow is treated the same.

The reality is opposite: Every cow gets treated individually. You can spend your time focusing on performance deviations, and put solutions in place quicker.

Like many dairy farmers, Brad Biehl and his family had spent decades bending to prepare and milk cows in a tie-stall milking facility. Facing a lifetime scheduled around twice-daily milking times, he resolved to take a giant leap. He started automating his farm and using robots to do the work for him.


ten Hoeve Dairy milks 500+ cross breeds using AMS Galaxy 20.20 premium robots.

Theo & Gerben Ten Hoeve Dairy LLC AMS Galaxy USA Testimonial

ten Hoeve Dairy LLC // Butler County, Iowa

“The purchase of our AMS Galaxy robots in 2018 was the best business decision we ever made on our dairy farm. We shopped around and decided that attaching cows manually was important to us and being able to do maintenance ourselves is a time and money saver. The employee stress is gone and that has a great impact on the farm...but also on our personal lives. Dairy farming is fun again! ”

Mike Whitten

Valley Mound Farms is saving time, and finally able to experience some ‘work-life-balance’ in their lives.

AMS Galaxy USA robotic milking testimonial VALLEY MOUND FARMS SCIPIO CENTER, NY


“With the Urban Alma Pro, our calves are eating 10 liters per day now and never have to wait to be fed. The Alma Pro has cut our labor to 1/3, and has allowed my parents to leave the farm and go on a cruise, which is something they've never been able to do in the farming careers up to now. For someone like me that that truly loves their calves, it’s one of the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever purchased and worth every penny. I think the calves love it as much as I do!”

does this sound like you?

We are looking to update our milking facility. We are a family operation with 150 cows switching thru a tie stall. We planned to move on to a milking parlor, but labor issues seem to be a common complaint among dairies our size. So the option of robotic milking initially scared us, but has become possibly a more feasible option. We have been to a few trade shows but have not contacted any dealers.

happy customer response

We've had two AMS Galaxy robots for four years now. We're very satisfied with how it milks our cows and how it detects health and heat deviations. We're also satisfied with the reliability of it considering the amount of hours it works a day. Robots do not allow you to ignore the cows and have a labor free dairy. They work best for people who like working with cows and the robots take away the chore of milking so the farmer has MORE time to work with the cows. When I switched I saved a lot of labor costs and also now have a lot more time to manage my herd to perform to their potential.


we love our customers and are always there to help guide, train, and even just say hello!

Dr. Jennifer Wessel with Ranch Di Vitelli in Tipton, California is custom raising Holstein calves, and she became a huge fan of the AMS Galaxy Urban Alma Pro Calf Café.

Check out a quick peek at her beautiful calves.

our goal is to help you

work smarter not harder

With years of experience in robotics, AMS Galaxy USA began developing automatic milking systems independently known as the Galaxy Robotic Milking System. We have over 50 dealers that distribute, install, and support our equipment across the country.  We are proud that our training center is considered one of the most automated milking farms in the U.S.

Milking robots are more common and have been around for decades in Europe. AMS Galaxy USA President Brad Biehl, and his family, went to the Netherlands to get theirs in 2010. It was the first Galaxy milking robot ever used in the United States that started milking in 2011. Today, Corner View Farm utilizes the full line of Galaxy precision dairy equipment allowing the dairy to milk and care for 125 cows, feed 30 dry cows, feed 25 milk calves, feed / bed all heifers with incredible labor efficiency of 1 person (300 animals).  Send Brad an email to schedule a personally guided tour to see your favorite Galaxy products in action!

Currently, AMS Galaxy works with several precision dairy equipment manufacturers in Europe, and brings it to the U.S. to modify and adapt them to meet PMO and other requirements for our market at our world-class training center. We also have amazing engineers looking to design the next innovation, and launch new products into the industry to help farmers become more efficient, increase production, and profits!

thank you for

the kind words!

Darren McKinney

McKinney Farms has been using the Galaxy Astrea 20.20 since February 2016. They currently milk 128 cows in a bedded pack barn that has been retrofitted to accommodate the robotic milking system. They also use a pasture gate to manage grazing with the herd. After milking robotically for more than three years, we asked Darren what he thought of his experience so far.

AMS Galaxy USA robotic milking testimonial MCKINNEY FARMS WINTHROP, MN


“I would start by saying, I'm not going to tell anyone that I know for certain this is the best automatic milking system, because to be honest this is the only system I know much about. I'm actually pretty sure all of them have their good points. However, what I love about the Galaxy Astrea 20.20 robot is that with a little remote help from support, there is virtually nothing that I can't fix to get myself milking again when something does happen. I have neighbors who have the competition robots, and I never hear stories of how they love the support that they get. I can honestly say that is what I think sets AMS Galaxy USA apart from the rest: their team there is second to none. They will do whatever it takes to make my operation more successful. Back to the machine itself, if there is one thing that people looking at the Galaxy Astrea 20.20 robot should know, is that the information that it gives you will help you be a better dairy farmer. I think that is something that not everyone realizes.”

Micah Martin

AMS Galaxy USA robotic milking testimonial MJC PRECISION DAIRY SOLUTIONS NEW PARIS, IN


“AMS Galaxy USA has greatly enhanced our ability to manage our dairy farm. With the Astrea 20.20, Hetwin bedding robot, and Galaxy Comfort Brushes, our cow comfort is better and milk production is higher. These products have also allowed our dairy to become much less labor intensive. We love our Galaxy products! ”

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