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Our products for automatic feeding are exceptionally efficient, saving you time, and ensuring the right feed at the right moment.

semi-automatic line

Grow your herd with MilkShuttles

Urban Milk Shuttle - Automatic Calf Feeding
introducing the

Three wheels for ANY terrain

Feeding calves is heavy physical work, and moving 100 kg or more several times a day is not an infrequent occurrence. Coping with inclines, rough terrain, or ice and snow during the winter is especially difficult.

The Urban MilkShuttle has been specifically designed with a view towards such daily challenges:

➜ 3 wheels for optimum mobility and all-terrain capability – especially for steps, rough terrain and during the winter

➜ No sudden setting in motion: Automatic stop for secure park position even on hills

➜ Available with and without drive

➜ Extremely small turning circle

➜ Well thought-out functions

➜ ­Practical accessories

All-terrain capable
thanks to 3 large wheels & a strong electric drive

due to high demand, the milkshuttle now comes in four sizes!

*Please note: The MilkShuttle 100 can not be ordered in a pasteurizing model. Models 150, 200, & 250 can be purchased as a MilkShuttle (only) or a MilkShuttle Pasteurizer (with the ability to pasteurize milk).


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Milkshuttles have smart turning circles
smart turning circle

The three-wheel design of the MilkShuttle makes it very manoeuvrable while providing excellent traction.

finish feeding earlier & reduce your physical strain

well-thought-out technology

semi-automatic line

Grow your herd with MilkShuttle Pasteurizers

introducing the
milkshuttle pasteur

The MilkShuttle with pasteurization function

During pasteurization, the heating of the milk reliably kills off germs and bacteria. The milks is more digestible for your calves, and problems with diarrhoea are avoided.

Pasteurizing the right way – seamlessly & without re-contamination

Pasteurizing is not equal to pasteurizing!

With the Urban MilkShuttle Pasteur you have a powerful heater (6kW) and an efficient cooling. The slowly rotating agitator ensures continuous and complete circulation of the entire container content. It also prevents the milk from foaming, which can be a reason for incomplete pasteurization.

Heating/Cooling unit in the housing floor

For the Urban MilkShuttle Pasteur, the heating/ cooling unit is in the housing floor below the milk. Even smallest amounts of milk can be cooled quickly and efficiently without losing thermal energy via the outer wall of the container.

Solid connection

Quick release to connect the MilkShuttle Pasteur with the cooling water supply and drain.

Milkshuttle Pasteur
MilkShuttle-Pasteur by AMS Galaxy USA

Alma Pro feeder

combine intensive rearing with labour saving

Feeding little portions several times a day is important for the calf in order to reach optimal growth rates. It supports also the development of the calf to become a healthy and productive dairy cow.

Urban Alma Pro by AMS Galaxy USA
Full functionality and alarm function with iPhone, iPad, Androids- and Windows- as well as via PC

alerts when you need them

Thanks to the alarm system you can recognize a suspect calf, even when you are not in the barn.

intelligent feeding

Urban Alma Pro in barn by AMS Galaxy USA
Request the status of the feeder via SMS & receive an answer directly from the feeder
About 10 % of all the work on a dairy farm is dedicated to the calves. A big part of it spent for mixing and feeding of the milk as well as cleaning of the buckets and/or hutches/pens.
0 %
The costs of calf rearing in the first three months account for about one quarter of the whole cost of rearing a heifer, which is approx. $1600.
0 %
With 53 gallons of milk per day, you carry approx. 73 tons of milk per year. This quantity of milk fits into an oversized semi-truck!
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you have flexibility

With the Urban Alma Pro, you can customize the amount of work in calf rearing economically, without sacrificing the animal welfare.

Cleaning buckets, mixing portions and transporting milk are tasks that can be saved with the use of an automatic feeder.

Fully automatic cleaning program
Improve Calf health & hygiene of the barn

Enjoy the option to have fully automatic teat cleaning after each drinking process. Interruption of the pathogen transmission from one calf to the other via the teat is also an option.

Alma Pro Touchscreen


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Alma Pro Smart Touch Feeder

User-friendly: Feeding via touchscreen

Unique monitoring and convenient setting and adjustment of feeding curves allow you to feed the animals appropriate to their individual needs and to make calf rearing more efficient and profitable.

Touchscreen Alma Pro
This monitoring is unique among today's feeding systems.

The evaluation system provides you at all times with a quick overview, if the calf drank sufficiently or if it needs support. The overview graphically presents the daily amounts consumed, the feed consumed in the last seven days as well as the drinking behavior: how much and how fast the animal drank.

easily establish contact

Operation and data retrieval via the integrated touchscreen is very easy. Other remote control options via PC, smartphone or tablet make the Urban Alma Pro even more comfortable.

Touchscreen Alma Pro by AMS Galaxy USA

Create as many feeding curves as you like and adjust them simply with the touch function: daily amount of milk, size of the portion and distribution of portions, feeding days, weaning, alarm system, & feed concentration.

"Since we started working with the feeders, they have taken a big chunk out of our workload and we are able to use the time saved for other tasks on the farm."

The Alma Pro takes care of the young calves on the Meier farm with great success.

huge success

Meier Farm

Meier Farm Testimonial
Error message from Alma Pro Touchscreen

Request the status of the feeder via SMS and receive an answer directly from the feeder

With the smart device or PC you can use all the functions of the Urban Alma Pro – from monitoring until adjusting the feeding curves. This request of the status and alarm system via SMS works with any mobile phone (*2G GSM).

One Urban Alma Pro can feed up to four calves at the same time.

Simultaneous Feeding up to 4 cows

Alma Pro L – Goat and Lamb Feeder

Feeding technology for lambs & goats. The URBAN Alma Pro L automatic feeder provides your lambs with fresh milk from day one. Milk is available at all times at a consistent temperature and concentration. According to their individual needs, the lambs consume species-appropriate amounts in small feed portions spread across the day. A large touch screen facilitates monitoring. This display is very easy to operate thanks to its particularly user friendly interface. In addition to data relevant to feeding, other health parameters are automatically collected and stored completely. The farmer is thus able to see immediately how each of his lambs is doing.

Alma Pro L

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