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Schedule a tour

AMS Galaxy usa headquarters


See AMS Galaxy USA Robotic products in action at our Corner View Farm. Tours are open to the public, but must be scheduled in advance. We are sure the girls would love to see you!

A walking tour will consist of a tour of our robotic dairy barn including viewing the milking robot, bedding robot, robotic feed sweeper, “total farm automation”, and cow comfort brush. The tour will also visit the calf facility where calves drink from an automatic calf feeder.


With the help of AMS Galaxy USA, New Day Dairy expanded their 125-year-old family barn and transformed it into a modern, robotic dairy barn. They’re now milking 105 cows (and growing!)

More than 2 years after installing our Astrea 20.20, we knew we made the right decision. We appreciate the machine’s simplicity. We also value the week-long tech school that taught us to perform preventative maintenance and repairs on our beloved “Rita” the robot. This allows us to keep our repair costs low & cows milking even when there is a problem, which is inevitable when working with technology & machines.