cows love the comfortbrush!

alleviate stress

offer fly & parasite relief

acts as a natural grooming alternative

a heavy-duty 48″ rotating cow brush, perfect for keeping your dairy cows and beef cattle clean, relaxed and comfortable.

The patent-pending design is the only cow brush manufactured in the U.S.A.

backed by research

Research shows many benefits exist for your cows when you add a cow brush to your farm.

Choosing the right brush for your herd is an important decision.

Each ComfortBrush is motion-activated so the unit only runs when your cows are ready to interact. The hourglass shaped brush is specifically designed for cows and the softer bristles used in our brushes provide maximum comfort and durability.

things to think about

before installing a cow brush...

what to consider

Finding the best place to install a Cow ComfortBrush at your facility is vital before you make your purchase. Here is a quick guide to choosing the best spot.

Space Availability

We recommend a minimum of 8 to 10 feet of clearance on both sides of the brush. Be aware of structures like gates or half walls that could become obstructions. Avoid areas in or around entrance and exit lanes, as well as dead-end spaces when selecting your cow brush placement.

Electrical Needs

AMS Galaxy USA's ComfortBrush is available in 110v/220v and a 3-Phase 480v option. If you plan to run a new electrical drop, confirm what voltage you need before wiring the installation location. If electricity is already available, make sure it is enough to power the type of brush you choose.

Brush Placement

ComfortBrush can be installed in any type of barn facilities. Any area that usually offers the minimum required available space would be ideal, letting the brush move without any obstruction and avoiding traffic jams in cow flow. The most common placement is on a crossover beam. If you do not have a usable crossover, an outside alley post farthest from the entrance is another option. Cow brush placement on an outside alley post will direct cows away from the entrance and down the alley. This eliminates traffic jams as they stop to use the brush. It is important to place the brush in an area where cows have an escape route. This gives less dominant cows a way to avoid being disturbed by more dominant ones.

Using a Mounting Post

If you choose to install your brush outside and do not have a solid wall, a strong mounting post can be used. A 6-by-6-inch treated wood post or a 4-by-4-inch steel tube is the minimum size recommended to mount your brush. You can retrofit an existing post to mount the brush if it is sturdy and properly anchored into the ground. Keep in mind that if the upright is not wide enough, you may need to fabricate a mounting adapter. Make sure your post is strong enough, tall enough and is firmly secured. Bury it deep in the ground with a concrete base as reinforcement. The underground post serves as an anchor, so the further down you sink the post, the more stable it will be. At a minimum, the post should be sunk into the ground 4 feet deep and 12 inches in diameter with concrete reinforcement.

# of Brushes Needed

We suggest no more than 100 animals per brush. All of our cow brushes can be used with multiple animals at the same time. If you add multiple brushes in one pen, we recommend placing one brush at the first crossover alley and one on the last crossover alley. Installing brushes on opposite ends helps lessen overcrowding by encouraging cows to gather on both ends of the pen.

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