Proud to introduce our next generation milking robot

The Galaxy Merlin2G is the latest technology for milking automation

A fusion of AMS Galaxy USA and Fullwood JOZ Technologies

your robotic milking solution

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The industry's most durable automatic milking robot
discover a quick return on investment

let's do the math

reduced energy consumption

Lower water and detergent consumption, in combination with our unique efficient designs, sees a reduction of up to 20% in energy utilized.

reduced service costs

Our designs are manufactured to maximize the product’s life, and minimize service and maintenance costs over time. Our robots are reliable and easy to service quickly.

reduced cost per lb milk

Amazing cow comfort paired with efficient designs that are built to last, you will enjoy higher quality and greater milk yields at much lower costs. Your optimal return on investment.

so easy to use
task members of the entire family to easily help manage your milking robot

"sure I can handle that."

-AMS Galaxy USA President Brad Biehl’s teenage son


one focus: the cow

An Automatic Milking System that preps like a human and auto-detaches without having the robot under the cow!

labour savings

“The biggest advantage by far is the labour saving. The flexibility has changed my life allowing me to spend more time with my family.” – New Day Dairy

2 milking stalls + 1 industrial strength robot arm + 0 hired milking labor = 130 cows milked gently, efficiently and automatically, with advanced robotic technology at a project cost less than a new milking parlor!

better herd health

The  Merlin2G uses less water and cleaning chemicals, and offer a refined udder preparation procedure paired with individual teat cleaning improving herd health. Our machine automatically washes multiple three times a day, as well as automatically steam cleans and backflushes between each cow. Your cows will be noticeably calmer, have better foot health, and improved reproductive performance.

Robust construction in combination with the use of durable materials, such as easy-to-clean stainless steel make this robotic the most reliable product of its kind on the market.

manage something else

Gain total control over your herd, and let the  Merlin2G efficiently milk your cows while collecting valuable data and information; the individual cow milk production, the milk’s electrical conductivity, the cow activity, the cow rumination data, and more.

peace of mind & ease of use

You can rely on the  Merlin2G allowing you to focus your saved time on other cow health and performance. With an easy-to-use interface, you can now manage settings, information, and reports when you need to maximize profit. You now have time to thoroughly enjoy farming with peace of mind, and spend your extra time with family.

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We asked ten Hoeve Dairy a few questions about their milking robot purchase.

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After many years of successful application in the industry, the  Merlin2G concept has proved its clear competitive edge. Proudly offering exceptional durability and reliability with a record spanning over 15 years with more than 300,00 arms in 24/7 industrial use.

Leading the industry with steam-cleaning sanitation, low-stress natural milking, integrated sensor technologies, and rapid real-time vision technology for teat ID.

this isn't a new concept. for years farmers have been trying to save time.

mankind has always tried to innovate

For decades farmers have wanted higher milk yields and lower workforce costs. Other benefits continuously sought after were a flexible working day, and the opportunity to create more time available for general work on the herd.

Cow Milking by machine in 1931 to save time

Milking by machine in 1931

The Rotolactor in 1956 - one of the first machines to milk numerous cows at once to save time
The Rotolactor in 1956 – One of the first machines to milk numerous cows at once

Merlin2G is the next generation of smart farming.

“It makes the cows so much more relaxed and you see [their] characters come out, because it’s not such a mad rush to parlour. It’s like us going on the road during rush hour time, compared with driving on a nice country road.”

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the ultimate in control

Cows line up correctly very quickly giving you a very safe working environment

Cows line up correctly very quickly giving you a safe working environment. Cows are then fed to their specific needs ensuring they can perform to the best of their ability.

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