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 “I see that the AMS Galaxy USA’s robotic milking technology has great potential and has made my life easier.”

Dave Bitler, Dairy Farmer, Fleetwood PA

Dairy farmer, Dave Bitler, oversees his robotic dairy milking facility in Fleetwood, PA

swailes family found a resolution for labor and service issues


The Swailes family was faced with a deficit of good labor. The family recalls how their quality of life was constantly disrupted by unreliable employees and they needed a change. In 2016, they began the process of purchasing a milking robot. The family claims the decision was easy.  Carl, a mechanic by trade and passion, settled on the Galaxy Robot as soon as he learned he could service it himself thanks to the AMS Galaxy USA Certified Robot Training.  Carl revels, “I’m not at the mercy of a service guy who doesn’t want to come out on a Saturday night to service my robot.  I can do it myself.”  Carl and his wife, Renea, both attended Robot Training prior to installation.  Their son-in-law, Nate, attended training after their robot was up and running and their daughter Tori plans to attend soon.


Swailes Family Farm / Willow Hill, PA



“The purchase of our AMS Galaxy robots in 2018 was the best business decision we ever made on our dairy farm. We shopped around and decided that attaching cows manually was important to us and being able to do maintenance ourselves is a time and money saver. The employee stress is gone and that has a great impact on the farm…but also on our personal lives. Dairy farming is fun again! ”

ten Hoeve Dairy milks 500+ cross breeds using AMS Galaxy 20.20 premium robots.



“With the Urban Alma Pro, our calves are eating 10 liters per day now and never have to wait to be fed. The Alma Pro has cut our labor to 1/3, and has allowed my parents to leave the farm and go on a cruise, which is something they’ve never been able to do in the farming careers up to now. For someone like me that that truly loves their calves, it’s one of the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever purchased and worth every penny. I think the calves love it as much as I do!”

Valley Mound Farms / Scipio Center, NY

Valley Mound Farms is saving time, and finally able to experience some ‘work-life-balance’ in their lives.



“I would start by saying, I’m not going to tell anyone that I know for certain this is the best automatic milking system, because to be honest this is the only system I know much about. I’m actually pretty sure all of them have their good points. However, what I love about the Galaxy Astrea 20.20 robot is that with a little remote help from support, there is virtually nothing that I can’t fix to get myself milking again when something does happen. I have neighbors who have the competition robots, and I never hear stories of how they love the support that they get. I can honestly say that is what I think sets AMS Galaxy USA apart from the rest: their team there is second to none. They will do whatever it takes to make my operation more successful. Back to the machine itself, if there is one thing that people looking at the Galaxy Astrea 20.20 robot should know, is that the information that it gives you will help you be a better dairy farmer. I think that is something that not everyone realizes.”

McKinney Darms / Winthrop, MN


McKinney Farms has been using the Galaxy Astrea 20.20 since February 2016. They currently milk 128 cows in a bedded pack barn that has been retrofitted to accommodate the robotic milking system. They also use a pasture gate to manage grazing with the herd. After milking robotically for more than three years, we asked Darren what he thought of his experience so far.



“AMS Galaxy USA has greatly enhanced our ability to manage our dairy farm. With the Astrea 20.20, Hetwin bedding robot, and Galaxy Comfort Brushes, our cow comfort is better and milk production is higher. These products have also allowed our dairy to become much less labor intensive. We love our Galaxy products! ”

MJC Precision Dairy Solutions / New Paris, IN

merrimart reaches total herd goals


“Our Urban Calf feeder has proven itself over and over again.  The results from the feeder have increased the size and vigor of our calves. AMS Galaxy USA has been instrumental in helping us reach total herd goals by providing exceptional service and products for our farm.”

Donny Bartch / Loysville, PA




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