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Automatic Cow Feeding Technology For Increased Performance And Satisfaction

Happy Calf at the Calf Cafe


suitable for dairy cows or fattening farms

fantastic benefits

calm in the stalls

better weight gain

higher feed intake

BATTERY-POWERED. No rail system needed.

Robotic Feeding Robot Filling At The Feeding Kitchen

*ARANOM Feeding Robot Filling at the Feeding Kitchen

The robot, which owns bottom-chassis drive, follows the programmed route by means of small reference magnets placed just under the floor surface. Eliminating rails saves costs and makes installation much easier, especially on large farms.

This auto-drive feeding robot is available in two versions: ARANOM MIX and ARANOM CUT & MIX.

Both models are battery-powered and drive through the barn without need of a rail system. 

horizontal cutting-mixing-system

*Horizontal Cutting-Mixing-System

New construction of milk cow stable, 500 bulls

The cattle consume much more basic feed which provides more milk; the silage bales are prepared and in addition the feed is transported.

It can happen.

Imagine your barn is large, bright and airy, strewn regularly and supplied with fresh feed twenty-four hours a day. The fully automatic feed robot performs five operations: weighing, cutting, mixing, dosing and conveying.



5 Operations With One Machine: Weighing, Cutting, Mixing, Dosing, and Feed Pushing

It has strong cutting power and owns the horizontal cutting-mixing-system with double replaceable 8 mm stainless steel mixing tank. So, it’s suitable for longer feed such as loader silage, round bale silage and hay.


4 Operation With One Machine: Weighing, Mixing, Feeding and Feed Pushing

It owns a vertical-mixing-system with 4mm stainless steel double mixer tray and is suitable for short foodstuff.

ARANOM Mix vertical mixing system
Vertical Mixing System
Aranom Up Close
ARANOM Up Close In Detail
Aranom Touch Display
Vertical Mixing System
Happy Calf at the Automatic Calf Feeding Machine


introducing the hetwin stallboy Feed premium and stallboy 500 pro

HETWIN Comparison Chart // Premium Feed vs. 500 Pro

Robotic Feed Pusher Comparison - Feed vs Light Stallboys

hetwin stallboy FEED premium

The HETWIN Stallboy Feed Premium is the innovative solution which ensures that fresh feed is available in the feed boxes around the clock. Due to shorter breaks in feeding the feed intake and therefore milk volume is increased.

Hetwin Automatic Feeding
automatic feed pusher

feeding 24/7

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Multiple runs per day encourages cows come to the bunk more often. This increases dry matter intakes and results in increased milk production without increasing labor.

Stallboy Premium In Action
Stallboy Premium dosing of concentrated enticement feed
Dosing Of Concentrated Enticement Feed
Stallboy Premium Also Feeds Goats & Sheep

hetwin stallboy 500 Pro

specially geared to medium-sized and smaller feeding tables

super efficient

The compact Stallboy 500 pro, which is even more interesting in economic terms, is specially geared to medium-sized and smaller feeding tables.

The feed pusher that has a little simpler design still features a number of the time-proven core functions of the Stallboy Feed Premium. And this means that you will once again find the intelligent fresh feed software.

Keep fresh feed always within reach

The fresh-feed software automatically routes the Stallboy about 2 inches nearer to the feed boxes every 2 hours, keeping fresh feed always within reach and lower ranging cows also get fresh feed. As a result there is higher intake of food which has a positive effect on the milk output and thus also on costs.

Stefan Danzl, Waidring Tirol

Even after a short time we have noticed the calm in the stalls, better weight gain and clean animals due to the stable straw system Astor.